Celebrating Life Events

Your life is made up of many moments, from the everyday to the significant. When molded together, they make up your legacy. Right now, you’re not finished making memories. Keep enjoying life with our Celebrating Life Events benefits. You can take advantage of floral and prescription drug discounts and create a Family Legacy DVD with your favorite family photos.

Our Celebrating Life services include:

FTD Discounts

Nothing says caring and support quite like flowers, and Legacy Safeguard wants you to have the best for your important day. We have teamed up with FTD to offer you a special discount on flowers and arrangements.

Family Legacy DVD

The Family Legacy DVD is a customized collection of photos crafted to your specifications, set to music and enhanced with professionally-designed special effects. Up to 40 of your cherished family photos are archived, digitally scanned and returned to you, ensuring a safe, lasting home for them.

Prescription Drug Program

One of the many benefits that you receive from Legacy Safeguard is exclusive access into our Prescription Drug Program. This card entitles you to special negotiated pricing on prescription drugs at more than 67,000 pharmacies nationwide.

As you celebrate life with those you love most, you continue to define your legacy. We hope our membership services are valuable, including those that help you right now.