Celebrating Life Events

Your life is made up of priceless moments that help create your legacy. Share these life events with future generations with the Legacy Safeguard's Celebrating Life Events that include photos, DVDs and floral discounts are available to help put your memories in one secure place.

Take advantage of floral discounts and our Family Legacy DVD that comprises your favorite family photos into a professional video.

Our Celebrating Life services include:

As you experience the benefits and celebrate life with those you love most, you will further define your legacy. With this in mind, consider protecting your family from the unexpected cost of final expenses to help your loved ones be fully prepared.


Legacy Safeguard has partnered with FTD to provide incredible floral discounts to celebrate all of life's events. Founded in 1910, FTD is one of the largest floral companies in the world and is a leader in quality, artistry and dependability.

Free Family Legacy DVD

The Family Legacy DVD is a customized collection of photos crafted to your specifications, set to music and enhanced with professionally-designed special effects. Up to 40 of your cherished family photos are archived, digitally scanned and returned to you, ensuring a safe, lasting home for them.

Prescription Drug Program

One of the many benefits that you receive from Legacy Safeguard is exclusive access into our Prescription Drug Program. This card entitles you to special negotiated pricing on prescription drugs at more than 67,000 pharmacies nationwide.