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Funeral Expense Worksheet

Legacy Safeguard provides an online Funeral Expense Worksheet to help you estimate the cost of total final expenses for you and your family. We’ll help you accurately assess projected costs, which can remove a large source of stress for your loved ones.

Estimate Your Costs

Our Funeral Expense Worksheet helps you and your family. By predicting costs, you can decide which financial goals are most important to you and your family. We’ll even suggest ways to meet those goals, so you do not leave an unexpected financial burden on your family.
Your total final expenses include funeral expenses and family expenses. Family expenses are commonly overlooked costs that your family will be responsible for in your absence. These are costs they might not realize are due until an unpaid bill arrives. Examples include mortgage payments, college tuition or loan repayments, and household utilities. We will help you include those costs as part of the Funeral Expense Worksheet so that you and your family are better prepared.

Let part of your legacy be defined by how well you have planned for your final expenses. Legacy Safeguard can assist you in making your final expense process as easy as possible, so you can leave a positive lasting legacy with your family.

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