End of Life Planning, Guidance and Assistance

End-of-Life Planning, Guidance, and Assistance from Legacy Safeguard was created to help you ease some of the burdens on survivors that can result from the many decisions that have to be made when planning a funeral. An end-of-life plan is a gift you can leave your family that will have immeasurable value when the time comes. Our services can help you communicate certain plans and wishes to your family, so that confusion and conflicts may be avoided.

Families are not always given a fair warning before a love one passes. Legacy Safeguard's unique End-of-Life Planning, Guidance, and Assistance services equip you with a variety of fundamental resources that can help minimize additional stress and expenses.

These resources include:

There is no telling how your death will affect your family and loved ones. Just know that it will. When you have Legacy Safeguard standing in the gap to help support and serve your family, it makes all the difference. Families continue to thank our Legacy Safeguard Advisors for the help they receive during times of immeasurable pain and loss.

Legacy Safeguard was founded on the core component and benefit of helping families at the time of need. We are proud to offer such a valuable service to those individuals who call in and seek the assistance of our Legacy Safeguard Advisors. Many families simply want to know that they are not getting taken advantage of at one of the most difficult times in their lives. Estimating the true, total final expense cost is a key aspect to planning for the inevitable. No one wishes for their family to pass a hat, or be burdened with added expenses when they are beginning the grieving process.

Take Advantage and ease some of the burdens on survivors with Legacy Safeguard End of Life Planning, Guidance and Assistance benefits and services.

Legacy Safeguard Advisors

At the time of need, Legacy Safeguard advisors are on call to guide your family through the entire end-of-life planning process to help them make the most informed decisions when planning a funeral service.

Funeral Home Locator

Through our database of thousands of funeral home prices around the country, Legacy Safeguard is able to provide the Funeral Home Locator. The locator allows families to search for funeral homes and cemeteries in their area to find and compare prices and services.

Final Expense Estimator ™

Legacy Safeguard provides an online Final Expense Estimator to help individuals estimate the cost of total final expenses.