Free Family Legacy DVD

The Family Legacy DVD is a customized collection of photos crafted to your specifications, set to music and enhanced with professionally-designed special effects. Up to 40 of your cherished family photos are archived, digitally scanned and returned to you, ensuring a safe, lasting home for them. This gallery is set to music of your choosing, and a custom title page warmly welcomes family and friends to your collection.

Each photo is carefully scanned and entered into a digital database by our expert technicians and given back to you, giving your photographs a permanent home in an electronic format that's easy to share with your loved ones. Your photographs are treated delicately, handled properly and stored in climate-controlled conditions while being scanned as high-quality images. This level of care and attention to detail is how Legacy Safeguard protects and preserves your snapshots for future generations.

Mood and emotion are perhaps conveyed best by music, and the Family Legacy DVD comes with a selection of music you choose to play while the photo gallery plays. Whatever your tastes, your DVD will reflect your personality and style, reminding loved ones of you with a photographic and musical tribute.

An easy-to-use title screen greets viewers and directs them along the DVD features- no confusing navigation thanks to a straight-forward, user-friendly design. Generations to come will be able to quickly and easily access your valued memories.

With a Family Legacy DVD, you can effortlessly capture life's most memorable moments in a simple-to-use format, no matter the occasion. Memorials, birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, holidays and more can be archived into something ready for both current and future generations to enjoy.

Each DVD includes:
  • Forty Family Photos – Digitally archived to a DVD and enhanced with image-editing software
  • Background Music – Selected by you and played while your pictures are viewed
  • Custom Title Page – Tailor-made greeting for future generations exploring your legacy