Free Legal Documents

At Legacy Safeguard we believe it is important to outline your wishes for important life events to lessen the burden on your loved ones. Create a Living Will, as well as other legal documents as part of your membership in Legacy Safeguard.

A Living Will is designed to serve as a directive to physicians and other healthcare providers to implement your wishes accordingly with regard to specific treatments or procedures in the event of becoming incompetent. Furthermore, a Living Will is not a part of your will and only becomes effective in the event that you cannot express your wishes.

In the event of a serious accident or illness, would you want your doctors to do everything possible to keep you alive, or, would you prefer minimal, non-invasive treatment? Do you want to help eliminate the pressure and anxiety for your loved ones when they are making an important emergency decision? These are important decisions that must be executed in order for your loved ones and physicians to properly fulfill your wishes. When making important measures such as this, these decisions should properly reflect your philosophical and religious beliefs.

Once you have completed the Living Will, we strongly encourage you to discuss your wishes with your family members and to provide them with a signed copy of your Living Will.