Legacy Planning Services

A legacy is not something left behind; it’s what you pass along. Your legacy is the values, principals, and ideals cultivated throughout the course of your life. Your legacy is shaped by the events, memories and friendships you experience along the way. And this legacy is what those coming after you will hold closely when you’re gone. Legacies should not vanish — they should be revered.

How will you be remembered? You want your loved ones to know and carry on your values, but it can also be difficult to make sure they are communicated. Enough preparation during this stage of life has a huge positive impact on families, and you can help prevent some of the difficulties after you’re gone.

Legacy Safeguard for you and your family.

We are a one-of-a-kind legacy planning service that can assist you and your loved ones through every detail, from the practicalities of funeral arrangements to bereavement support and grief counseling.

What is a Legacy?

First, a legacy is not just a will and it isn’t the same as estate planning. And, it’s not just about death. A legacy is about life and passing on what matters most: your values, history, life lessons, your final wishes, and how to handle your possessions.

Many things molded together make up your legacy. That means your non-material assets, too, like possessions of emotional value. In fact, many people identify with these intangibles as the true measure of a life well lived. Your loved ones will treasure these above any possession you may leave behind as they become a part of your own personal legacy for generations to come.

Legacy Planning Guide™ Software

Our one-of-a-kind and easy-to-use legacy planning software that will help you leave a lasting legacy with tools to document and store your personal, historical and financial information.

Your Legacy Safeguard ID Card

Your Legacy Safeguard ID Card will help you contact us in an emergency. It includes our toll-free phone number, your membership information and your advisor’s contact information.

Legacy Planning Archive™

The Legacy Planning Archive captures — all in one place for your family — the important information needed to complete the Death Certificate and Obituary. It also helps you record your final wishes to reduce stress and confusion among your family during a difficult time.

Your Legacy Safeguard Member Sponsorship opportunity

We would like to offer your friends and family free membership in Legacy Safeguard to help them have the same opportuinity you have in leaving a lasting legacy.