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Legacy Planning Archive

When someone passes away, arrangements need to happen quickly, often in less than a day. Compare that to weddings, which can take a year or more. Yet both events depend on similar services like flowers, location reservations, invitations and more. Taking the care to honor personal preferences is important to many of us and our families. That’s why Legacy Planning ArchiveTM is here: to remove as much unnecessary stress as possible from all the tasks that need to be done.

How does Legacy Planning Archive help?

Vital Statistics

All the vital statistics needed to complete a death certificate are included and placed within immediate reach of your family. This simple step greatly reduces confusion and stress from the very beginning. There is less chance for details to be lost in the shuffle that could cause unexpected problems down the road.

Wishes for Final Arrangements

In Legacy Planning Archive, your financial, legal, personal and family-related issues are archived, making your final wishes available immediately. This enables your memorial service to be organized according to your desires. Or, the entire memorial service could be planned in advance, reducing one more layer of stress and uncertainty for your family.

Download Legacy Planning Archive today to do
this and more for your family

• Record vital statistics needed to complete the Death Certificate
• Outline your wishes for the memorial service