Legacy Planning Archive

When someone passes away there are many details that require the survivor's immediate attention. Legal documents need to be found and sorted, family and friends must be contacted, and arrangements have to be made. Things pile up quickly and often add to the stress the family must already contend with. All too frequently, details are lost in the shuffle and end up causing unexpected and problematic situations down the road.

A funeral or memorial ceremony is planned in a very similar way to a wedding ceremony. Flowers must be ordered and arranged, a minister has to be reserved as well as a location, and the procession needs to be organized. Each requires a great deal of personalized care and preference. We typically have around twelve months to plan a wedding; however, funerals must be planned within six to twelve hours, making preparations stressful and tough to manage with the small amount of time given.

Observing these difficult circumstances befall too many families, the Legacy Planning Archive was created to be readily accessed at the planning of a funeral, accommodating your final wishes and plans by providing your family with a compiled collection of documents regarding everything that needs to be taken care of before, during and after the service.

All financial, legal, personal and family-related issues are archived, making your final wishes available immediately and enables your memorial service to be organized according exactly to your desires. The entire memorial service can be planned in advance, satisfying your final wishes and easing the amount of uncertainty that comes with not knowing what you would have liked to have for your memorial.

In addition, all the vital statistics needed to complete a Death Certificate are included and placed within immediate reach of your family. This forethought greatly reduces the confusion and stress among family during a difficult time and ensures that all your wishes and needs are honored and observed.

Benefits of the Legacy Planning Archive:
  • Records the vital statistics that are required to complete the Death Certificate.
  • Outlines individual's wish for his or her memorial service.