Legacy Planning Guide Software

Legacy Safeguard had designed a one of a kind software system to make recording your legacy simple and secure. The Legacy Planning Guide is available in a software format, which allows for easy access to make changes or updates to any of your legacy planning information. The software is expertly designed to be simple to install and use. All of your legacy information is organized into sections to make it quick to access and clear to understand.

Sections of the software include:

  • Family Values
  • Personal Information
  • Valued Possession
  • Online Account Information
  • Pet Care Instructions
  • Historical Insights
  • Financial Accounts
  • Final Wishes
  • And Many More

Backup Options

The Legacy Planning Guide software gives you the options to backup all of your information on your personal computer and also print out a formatted copy that can be placed in your Legacy Safeguard Portfolio. Sections of the Legacy Planning Guide software can also be emailed to your friends and family to share your legacy and assure that your family knows your important information.


The Legacy Planning Guide Software is customized for you with a home page that showcases a favorite family photo and your family name. This legacy planning benefit also provides example information on each page to make sure your legacy and legal information is thorough and complete. These examples make filling out the guide clear and convenient.