Support For Survivors

After someone’s death, the survivors will go through a tremendous amount of stress and grief. There is no telling how it will affect your family. Just know that it will. This grief, at times, can be too much to bear. Legacy Safeguard’s Support for Survivor benefits can assist grieving families with any unexpected situations that may arise, from making travel and hotel reservations, to locating bereavement counseling centers nearby.

Bereavement Travel Assistance

Travel is often necessary after a death in one’s family. But when time is of the essence, you and your family might not know you can save time and money on your travel needs. Legacy Safeguard advisors are here to help with our bereavement travel assistance, right when you need it.

Personalized Assistance

When needed, Legacy Safeguard advisors are available to relieve any type of stress that can accompany the death of a loved one. We’re here for you with personalized assistance.

Grief Counseling Support

The grief that accompanies death can sometimes be devastating. You might need some support, and we can help you find the assistance that’s right for you.

Legacy Safeguard was founded on the core component and benefit of helping families at the time of need. We are proud to offer such a valuable service to those individuals who call in and seek the assistance of our fully trained Legacy Safeguard Advisors who are experts in final planning.

Grieving can be heavy and all individuals cope with it differently. With Legacy Safeguard, a family and loved ones can have a Legacy Safeguard Advisor in their corner to help them make difficult decisions in the very little time that is available to make those decisions.

Legacy Safeguard is proud to provide our unique Support for Survivors benefits and services to your families or loved ones.