Bereavement Travel Assistance

When a death occurs, there are not usually seven to fourteen days of advanced notice available to receive the best price on airfare. Our Legacy Safeguard Advisors can help you and your loved ones find the best prices on airfare. Our advisors can inform your family about these bereavement travel options and the discounts that are available to them through the airlines and hotels. On average, this assistance saves individuals over $620 per flight!

"When my grandmother passed away, my parents were on vacation in Europe. I called up the airline and I only found one flight that would get them back in time for the funeral service. That flight was going to be $3742 dollars each and that was just a lot of money. So I asked the airlines if they could provide a bereavement travel discount. They said they don't provide bereavement discounts for international flights. So I went down to our Legacy Safeguard team and told them what had happened. They got on the phone, started working with that airline, and they would not take 'No' for an answer. It took them about an hour and a half of going through several different supervisor levels, and we finally got them to agree on a bereavement discount. We got them on the same flight, except we got them on a bereavement discount. Legacy Safeguard got that price down from $3742 to $855 dollars, saving my parents over $5800 on something they didn't need to spend. That was a tremendous benefit for my personal family, and we'll try to help other families" - Bryan Adams, Creator, Legacy Safeguard